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The gpt2-chatbot Mystery

Have you heard about the mysterious “gpt2-chatbot” that recently appeared and disappeared?

This AI chatbot had everyone in the space speculating, thinking we may see a glimpse of the newest GPT (4.5 or 5) model from OpenAI. 

Users who interacted with it before it was taken offline reported that its performance matched or even surpassed OpenAI’s most advanced GPT-4 model in areas like reasoning, math, coding, and adopting a more human-like tone. It even excelled at challenging AI questions and riddles that have stumped other chatbots showing substantial gains in the LMSYS Chatbot arena scores…

But here’s the thing: nobody knows for sure where this chatbot came from

Theories range from it being an undercover early release of the anticipated GPT-5, to a fine-tuned version of an existing OpenAI model, to the start of an AGI pre-release. Even OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, fueled the fire – so to speak – at the speculation with a cryptic tweet, stating, “i do have a soft spot for gpt2.”

About a week after its mysterious debut, gpt2-chatbot suddenly disappeared due to an “unexpectedly high traffic & capacity limit.” And no one knows if or when it will return.

With all the buzz, the excitement around gpt2-chatbot, and fast + early releases of this tech is a sign of the times, as the AI industry prepares to shift towards advancements and AI and AGI 🔗 at an incredible pace. 

So, here’s my challenge to you: keep your eyes wide-open for the next groundbreaking AI chatbot that could drop at any time. Whether it’s gpt2-chatbot making a comeback or another entering the arena, we’re going to see AGI in our lifetime and when it’s available, we’re going to wonder how we operated without it.

Rabbit R1 may be DOA 💀

MKBHD is back again with a hard [but warranted] blow to the next AI hardware release, the Rabbit R1. His official word?

“Barely Reviewable” … ouch.

His stance is a simple one. We’re tired of everyone launching a half (or less) finished product for sales, then proving it’s viable after we’ve bought it. 

And if that wasn’t bad enough, around the same time as the world’s most trusted tech reviewer delivered the hard news, people cracked the OS only to find out it’s Android and can easily run on a household device. 

Ouch again.

The thing here is, at the end of the day, no one really cares much that the R1 was Android based and ‘barely’ usable, what we care about is customers are being lied to and random ideas are being overhyped and put up for sale before they’re even viable. 

Consumerism is one thing, but at least building a business and ecosystem around the principles of it to make it a brand worth caring about.

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