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Goodbye Search Bars, Hello β€œSearch For Me”

Browser company Arc announced their groundbreaking second product, Arc Search, a default browser for iPhone unlike anything currently available. 

In a huge departure from other browsers, Arc Search browses for you, using AI to automatically search and load web pages based on individual user habits and interests without any taps or searches.

By predicting what users want to see next and presenting content and search results instantly, Arc Search aims to remove all friction from the browsing experience. 

CEO Josh Miller believes this new approach could transform how people discover and consume information on mobile. If Arc Search succeeds in becoming the default iPhone browser, it could massively change how billions access and experience the internet each day. 

The app is free on iOS and requires no account, or registration. It’s fast and an incredibly clean setup experience.

Tweets That Matter

Pat Walls of Starter Story shared this and I love the simplicity of this AI tool model (Tweet > TikTok content) but what I like even more is the simple launch plan:

  1. Sent DM to 100 “large” X accounts (see image)
  2. Created urgency with lifetime offer
  3. 60% paid on the spot (INSANE)
  4. Then leveraged those large X accounts to build 1,000+ waitlist

I have about six startup ideas swirling in my head at any given time. And you probably have that great idea too you just want the world to see. 

My litmus test for what I ship right now is it has to be three of these four:

  • Makes others money by paying me for it
  • Cost to run has to be < $50/m all-in
  • Runs autonomously with no additional work on my part
  • Adds value to others

My first AI project was the Daily Weather Forecast:
– Costs < $1/day
– Runs by itself with Make
– Adds value daily

My second AI project is my Podcast, The Prompt πŸ”—
– Costs are already with tools I use
– I’m close to it being nearly autonomous with little edits/having team run it
– Adds value across all channels I share it 

πŸ™ŒπŸ» And I’m sharing how I built both of those (and the rest) in my Slack Community πŸ”—

When all four check out, it’s the new priority on my list and take a wild guess what I’m tackling next πŸ˜‰ 

AI Is continuing to make dreams & ideas quick realities because of the speed to market possible. 

Don’t overthink it. Just hit go. 

And if you need support, hit reply and let me know. I help Entrepreneurs, and leaders in my Slack community as well have a spot opening up for March.

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AI vs AGI & Meta – Let Me Explain

Heard of this term β€œAGI” and wonder how it’s different than AI?

On my latest episode of The Prompt πŸ”—, in my episode this week, I jump into it exploring how this technology could revolutionize our daily lives.

From Meta’s ambitious project to the potential impact of AGI on society, I cover it all.  You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the difference between AI and AGI, the benefits of AGI, and the potential impact of Meta’s AGI venture.

If you’re intrigued by the possibilities of AGI and its impact on our collective future, this episode is not to be missed! I also do a little Q&A at the end from recent questions I received.

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