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AI Tools


AI-driven solutions for custom business automation

Create custom AI solutions for automating business tasks with Cassidy, using leading AI models and ensuring data security.


AI-driven accounting services for cleaner books and insights.

Artificial intelligence-powered accounting platform offering automated bookkeeping, live dashboards, and secure financial management.


AI-driven data analysis and research platform

AI-powered research accelerator with intelligent assistant ALANI for data analysis, insights, and team collaboration.


Engage with AI chatbots for diverse knowledge

Interactive AI chatbot network for verified info across multiple domains, including business and health.


AI-powered tool for efficient email writing.

Textcraftai.com is an AI tool for improving email composition, offering context-aware suggestions for better engagement.


Delphi.ai is a platform offering cutting-edge AI tools for data science, NLP, and analytics to drive business innovation.


AI tool for quick real estate listing creation

AI-powered tool for generating professional real estate listings from photos or drafts, with multi-language and style customization.


AI-powered online resume creation tool

AI-powered resume building tool for quick, professional, and privacy-conscious resume creation with multi-language support.


AI-powered identity resolution to boost e-commerce sales

AI-driven platform improving sales by identifying and engaging online shop visitors.


AI-powered phone agent platform for various industries.

An AI-powered platform to automate phone calls with human-like agents for businesses.


Comprehensive digital marketing suite with AI features

An integrated marketing platform with tools for SEO, content, PPC, social media, and competitor analysis.


Dynamic web project platform in private beta.

A platform showcasing typing apps, UI clones, portfolios, and a quiz on generative AI, with app store visibility tools.


AI-powered website translation service

Weglot offers AI-driven translations to help websites go multilingual instantly, boosting international reach and engagement.


UserWay.org provides an AI-powered web accessibility solution that complies with ADA law and WCAG guidelines.


AI scheduling app for optimized team productivity.

AI-powered scheduling tool for effective team calendar management, task optimization, and productivity.


AI-powered image upscaling and enhancement.

Magnific AI offers AI-driven upscaling and enhancement for high-resolution, detailed images in a user-friendly platform.


AI-driven topic and question research tool.

AI-based tool for topic discovery, question research, content creation support, and SEO enhancement

Jetpack AI Assistant

WordPress AI content generator plugin by Jetpack

Jetpack AI Assistant, a WordPress plugin, boosts content creation with AI-driven text generation, optimizing tools, and various tone settings.


AI tool to generate copyright-free images.

Variart is an AI service that creates similar images to submitted ones, making them free from copyright restrictions, and is deemed Fair Use by the Supreme Court.


AI-driven personalized email writing tool

Autobound.ai uses AI to enable hyper-personalized email writing, enhancing sales outreach with data-driven insights for improved reply rates and lead engagement.


Automated AI-driven digital marketing & ad creation tool.

AI-powered marketing platform for brands and startups to create ads, analyze data, and improve campaign performance easily with no prior experience.


AI-powered video creation and distribution platform.

Easily create AI-powered videos from text and podcasts with Rizzle. Zero editing needed. Customize, distribute on social media, and get analytics for impact.


AI consulting & solutions for business innovation

IngestAI.io offers AI consulting and scalable solutions to turn AI into a competitive business edge.


AI Code Assistant for developers

Safurai is an AI-powered Code Assistant designed to revolutionize coding by providing features like code generation, optimizations, and a natural language search.