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Video Generating is the New Video Editing

Adobe dropped a πŸ’£πŸš today about the latest work they’ve been doing around real-time video editing, and possibly the most exciting, integrated video generating with Runway, Pika and Sora. 

The new AI-powered tools in Premiere Pro will include features like Generative Extend, which allows users to make their clips a few frames longer with a simple click and drag feature. 

Object Addition/Removal will enable addition or removal of objects from footage using smart masking and tracking tools.

And even, Generative B-Roll will allow creators to generate custom b-roll footage from text prompts. This fully removes the need to search through stock footage libraries and keep you in the Premiere app for nearly everything you need.

Adobe is pushing the edges and continuing to demonstrate dominance in the creative market.

Tweets that matter

Marques is the most trusted tech reviewer in the industry.

And when MKBHD posts an honest – horrible review like this- it’s devastating for a product.

Team that with the already difficult space of launching and AI company.

Then compound that with the challenges that come with making it a hardware play, and it’s bad news.

This industry is wildly evolving a pace almost impossible to keep up with, but one thing remains. We have to create things people want.

The challenge is doing it before others and not running out of cash along the way.

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Key takeaways from the episode:

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  • Free up more time by automating and simplifying tasks using AI tools like Reclaim πŸ”—
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