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De-aging Harrison Ford πŸ”—

The use cases for GenAI are getting better and better by the day. In this example, the process to make Harrison Ford look younger in a video involved several steps. 

  • First, the author stabilized his face in the video and created a series of images from it.
  • Then, every 30th frame was edited using Stable Diffusion to make him appear younger.
  • These edited frames were combined with the original image sequence in a program called EbSynth.
  • This new sequence was then added back onto the original video.
  • The author used the original footage of Ford’s face as a mask to show the younger version created with Stable Diffusion.
  • They also kept his real eyes and mouth from the original video for a more natural look.

Finally, they did some minor color adjustments to the video and here we have a final rendition. Wild, right?

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Not Hiring is the New Downsizing πŸ”—

Klarna, one of Europe’s largest fin-tech companies, has instituted a hiring freeze that signals a bold bet on artificial intelligence replacing human jobs.

Klarna’s CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski believes AI can now perform tasks previously requiring human employees. While no layoffs are planned, the company will not recruit new staff apart from engineers developing its AI capabilities. Siemiatkowski aims to build Klarna into more of a “personal finance assistant” through consumer-facing AI features. 

This move follows other firms freezing hiring or cutting roles as tools like ChatGPT show the potential for automation to disrupt entire industries. 

It’s clear now executives are catching on that using AI not only helps save money and increase output, but has us re-considering where humans play a role AI cannot.  

Only time will tell if AI truly delivers on the efficiency promised or leads to unintended consequences, but Klarna is staking its future on machines taking over from people.

πŸ—£οΈ Thought of the week

β€œshipping AI without calling it AI is under-appreciated. it brings back focus on users and value; no hype, just utility that users gradually rely on. often the best solutions hide complexity behind simple interfaces.”

– @shyamalanadkat

564 AI Tools and Counting! πŸ”—

Looking for the perfect AI tool to ramp things up?  Head over to πŸ”— to search and explore my growing directory!

Is the TikTok Dance Culture Over?

The ‘Animate Everyone’ project by Alibaba researchers signifies a groundbreaking shift, where the possibility of anyone assuming any identity becomes a scarily accurate reality. 

This advancement holds immense potential, but it also opens the door to numerous risks and ethical concerns, making it a topic of significant debate around the web right now. 

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