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01: Arc AI Browser

As I glance at my desktop, thinking in my head, “I’m a pretty organized person”, I see 9 Chrome windows with messy bookmarks, all with 3-8 tabs per window. My notes have scattered fragments of things I’ve saved from each. No tabs on my desktop are really synced to my phone in terms of browser state, and my downloads folder makes me want to reconsider various life choices that led to this moment.

Whether you use Chrome, Bing, Safari, or others, browsing the web has become a game of repeating common practice until it gets out of hand, and one needs to wipe things clean and start over. It’s not fun, and I didn’t sign up for this.

AI has to be able to help this, right?

Today I present to you something fresh and new to consider. Arc Browser.

The first browser with AI integrations in mind, developed by The Browser Company, which is setting new standards in how we interact with the web:

  • On-page AI Assistance: Web browsing often takes us down rabbit holes of endless information. With Arc Max’s AI, users can instantly access relevant page information, summaries, and even deep dives into topics. It’s like having a knowledgeable guide by your side, to extract the most value from your tabs.
  • Smart Organization: Juggling multiple tabs and resources can become overwhelming like it is for me. Arc intuitively organizes tabs, groups related content and renames downloads with more descriptive titles. This declutters your workspace and makes your time more efficient.
  • ChatGPT Integration: This integration is a standout feature. Having OpenAI’s ChatGPT embedded in the browser means instant clarifications, explanations, and content suggestions.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Arc Max’s primary goal is to save users’ time and effort by automating mundane tasks and providing intelligent content curation.
  • Personalized Experience: The browser learns and adapts to individual user preferences over time. It will even predict your next search.

Arc feels less like a browser and more like an assistant with access to the web. It’s a refreshing view on the web, and I’m enjoying trying it along with the mobile app.

02: Adobe’s Mega AI Release

Adobe, the creative software industry leader, has just released AI-powered tools that are taking the creative community’s breath away. Their suite, including popular software like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro, has been enhanced with more Artificial Intelligence, making the creative process more intuitive and efficient. And that’s not all. During the recent showcase at Adobe MAX, they previewed incredible new tools that can even power an AI-driven dress!

Here’s a breakdown of the biggest releases, organized by tool:

Adobe Sensei: The Powerhouse of Innovation

Adobe Sensei, the company’s AI and machine learning platform, is the backbone of these enhancements. Sensei is transforming the Adobe user experience across its product range, from design automation to predictive analytics.


  • Content-Aware Fill: This tool erases distractions from images. Instead of manually eliminating unwanted objects, Sensei fills the void, blending the background seamlessly.
  • Select Subject: Another Sensei-driven feature allows users to instantly select the main subject of an image with a single click, saving editing time.

Premiere Pro Enhancements:

  • Auto Reframe: Adapting videos to various aspect ratios is easier than ever. Auto Reframe ensures the main subjects remain in the frame, regardless of the viewing platform.
  • Color Match: Leveraging Sensei, Premiere Pro can now match colors between two shots, ensuring visual consistency and reducing manual color correction time.

Illustrator’s AI Touch:

  • Properties Panel: This new feature uses Sensei to recommend tools and editing options based on the user’s activity, streamlining the design process.

Adobe Analytics & Predictive Insights:

Beyond design, Adobe’s analytics tools harness AI to provide deeper insights into customer behaviors. This means more personalized campaigns and a better understanding of audience engagement patterns.

Fluid Brushes in Fresco:

Adobe Fresco’s live brushes now mimic real-life oil and watercolor blending, giving digital art an authentic touch.

Document Cloud:

Adobe’s Document Cloud now offers AI-powered form recognition, making digital document management and form filling simpler and faster.

Projects, Projects, Projects!

These were only a few of the releases they showed. They are releasing incredible innovations in mixed media at an astounding rate and pushing the limits every chance they get.

Adobe’s dedication to AI is evident in its product updates. These tools, powered by advanced algorithms and machine learning, are set to redefine creativity and productivity. As Adobe continues its AI expansion, users can anticipate an even more efficient creative workflow than ever.

03: Beyond The AI Hype

The current digital landscape is fast-paced and dominated by technology, especially AI. However, it is crucial to distinguish between the hype and the actual transformative potential of this powerful tool. As entrepreneurs, it is essential to understand this difference to navigate the changing landscape and stay ahead.

Charlie Munger, Warren Buffet’s long-time business partner, expressed his skepticism about the current AI hype πŸ”—. He believes that while AI has enormous potential, much of its recent acclaim may be exaggerated. This sentiment is shared by other experts in the industry, who suggest that we may be in an AI “bubble” of sorts.

In addition, analysts predict that generative AI may face a “cold shower” in 2024 πŸ”—. While the advancements in generative AI have been revolutionary, it is worth noting that no technology grows exponentially forever. There will be plateaus and setbacks along the way.

So, what does this mean for the modern entrepreneur?

  1. Stay Informed, But Critical: While it’s crucial to stay updated with the latest in AI, it’s equally important to approach the information with a critical lens. Not every AI breakthrough will directly translate into business success.
  2. Diversify Your Tech Portfolio: Relying solely on one technology or trend can be risky. Diversifying your tech investments and strategies can offer a safety net against unforeseen industry shifts.
  3. Prioritize Value Over Trends: It’s easy to get swept up in the latest tech trend – after all I’m the guy who reviews all the AI sites. But always circle back to the core question: Does this add genuine value to my business and customers?
  4. Build for the Long-Term: While short-term gains are tempting, building a sustainable and adaptable business model will always win in the end. This means sometimes choosing the path less hyped but more stable.
  5. Stay Agile and Adaptable: The only constant is change. The ability to pivot, adapt, and learn will be invaluable assets in the coming years.

It’s important to approach the promise of AI with a balanced perspective. 

As technology continues to evolve, we must also develop strategies to ensure that we are not just being swept along but steering with direction. As entrepreneurs, this presents both a significant challenge and an opportunity. 

How will you stay ahead of the curve?

Privately, I soft launched of a new, AI Slack Community I’m running for entrepreneurs and small businesses, for just this reason.

We talk Generative AI, AI Tools, ChatGPT, tips and strategies, trends I’m seeing, and I even created an β€œAsk Me Anything” channel.

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