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VASA-1 May Change UGC Forever

Imagine being able to make your photos talk with just a simple voice recording. 

Sounds crazy, right? Microsoft’s new AI project, VASA-1 is making it a reality.

Here’s how it works: you give VASA-1 a photo and a voice recording, and it creates a hyper-realistic video of the person in the photo talking, complete with lip-syncing and natural head movements. This technology isn’t necessarily new, but when the preview was released, it’s by far the most advanced version we’ve seen with hyper-realistic output in a fraction of the time.

While it’s not available to the public just yet, the demos are pretty incredible. VASA-1 can handle photos from different angles and even adjust the avatar’s emotions and eye movements based on the voice recording.

So, what could this tech be used for? 

  • It could make video game characters more lifelike
  • Create virtual avatars for trainings in your business
  • Generate demo scenes for a movie
  • Or even bring a photo to life for video content you can post to social

I’ve been working on a system recently for myself to start posting social content totally AI generated and it’s looking pretty incredible. 

My new IG Reels / TikTok / Shorts will start rolling out soon, and they’ll be just about as AI generated as it gets. Not because I’m cheating, because I’m loving pushing the edges and seeing how automated we can take our message.

Important note: It’s still the message that counts.

I can’t wait to see where this technology goes.

Tweets that matter

Riley Brown is a fantastic video creator – he takes the time to deconstruct hard things and document’s them well with humor and fun.

In one of his latest videos, he ran through how to properly use Viggle AI to recreate the viral โ€œjoker on stageโ€ meme that went crazy a few weeks back. 

Style transfer tech is becoming big.

It’s not just used for fun, it’s how you can bring something static to life, animate sketches and more. It’s also an incredibly powerful tech to mix with Generative AI creating all brand new concepts based on those you already love.

As entrepreneurs and brands start to think about new and creative ways to grow, it’s important we consider ideas like this which are right in front of us to try.  If you’re looking to experiment with some creative AI art, this video (and others) are out there to help you spark something new.

Meta gives Llama to All of Facebook & Instagram

Meta has introduced an AI chatbot that seamlessly integrates into Facebook and Instagram, making it nearly impossible for users to miss. 

This chatbot, powered by technology similar to GPT-4, has the potential to totally change the way countless people interact with AI on a daily basis.

We live in a world now where 3 billion+ people have access to a powerful AI assistant at their fingertips. 

Think about that for a minute.

No longer will advanced AI technology be limited to those with technical know-how or subscriptions. Meta’s chatbot democratizes AI, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or technical expertise integrating it into one of two social networks they likely already use. 

Every. Day.

This technology has the power to:

  • Get creative with you & help you ideate on thoughts
  • Provide quick answers to common questions
  • Offer a friendly – and sometimes unreliable – conversation partner

As users become more comfortable with AI assistants, they’ll be more likely to embrace other AI-powered tools and technologies, driving innovation across industries.

And that’s the tipping point Meta is aiming for.

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