Speechnotes is a reliable and secure web-based speech-to-text tool that enables you to quickly and accurately transcribe your audio and video recordings, as well as dictate your notes instead of typing, saving you time and effort. With features like voice commands for punctuation and formatting, automatic capitalization, and easy import/export options, Speechnotes provides an efficient and user-friendly dictation and transcription experience. Proudly serving millions of users since 2015, Speechnotes is the go-to tool for anyone who needs fast, accurate & private transcription. Key aspects include integration with Chrome extension for dictation, transcription API & webhooks for automation, partnership with UK company for human transcription services, an Android app for mobile note-taking and a sister iOS app designed for the hearing impaired. Speechnotes also offers batch conversion tools for audio and video files and live captioning and translation solutions. It’s powered by AI engines from Google & Microsoft, ensuring high accuracy, and maintains privacy by not keeping user’s audio recordings. The service is available for free with ads or at a low cost for ad-free and premium features.


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