Relume Library

The Relume Library offers an extensive collection of Figma & Webflow components, designed to help designers and developers build websites more efficiently. With a focus on Webflow integration, the platform boasts over 1,000 components, including navbars, footers, hero headers, and more. It also includes an AI Site Builder tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate sitemaps and wireframes, complete with AI-generated copy, within seconds. The components are built using the Client-First Webflow Style System by Finsweet, which promotes a more organized Webflow experience. Moreover, the Relume Library features a Figma Kit and a Chrome Extension to enhance productivity. The library’s resources span across various elements, enabling users to design and construct websites in hours instead of days. Community engagement is encouraged through a Slack Channel for real-time support, sharing, and requests. Several pricing options are available, catering to both individuals and teams, with the option of a 7-day free trial for the Starter plan. The Relume Library continues to grow with regular component updates and incorporates user feedback into its development.


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