AI Text-to-Speech and Voice Generation

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The Fastest Generative AI Text-to-Speech API. Learn more Log in Try for Free Products Use Cases Resources Pricing Log in Try for Free AI VOICE GENERATOR WITH REALISTIC TEXT TO SPEECH Generate AI Voices, Indistinguishable from Humans Create ultra realistic Text to Speech (TTS) using PlayHT’s AI Voice Generator. Our Voice AI instantly converts text in to natural sounding humanlike voice performances across any language and accent. Generate AI Voice for Free Contact Sales Voice Your Conversational AI Voice Your videos Narrate Your Stories Voice your Characters Create Custom AI Voices Trusted by individuals and teams of all sizes Our Products – A New Way to Generate Speech AI Text to Speech Realistic AI Voice Models for Generating Expressive Speech Explore our ultra realistic Text to Speech voices AI Voice Cloning Voice Cloning that Encapsulates Every Accent and Dialect Explore our voice cloning product Voice Generation API Real Time Voice Cloning and Voice Generation API Explore our Voice API Use Cases Enhance Your Projects with Ultra-Realistic AI Voices Create engaging voice content with unique AI Voices perfect for your audience AI Voiceovers for Videos Audio Publishing Audio Storytelling Conversational AI Custom Voice Creation E-Learning Podcasts Gaming IVR Systems Translation & Dubbing Voice Accessibility Voice API Power your videos with clear, consistent, and professional voiceovers. Perfect for marketing, explainer, product demos, and YouTube videos. Embed SEO-friendly audio widgets on your websites for accessibility and engagement. Publish your newspaper, article, or blog content in audio format. Narrate your audiobooks with ultra-realistic voices seamlessly and effectively. Shorten your production time by generating audio in seconds. Voice your conversational assistants with ultra-realistic, humanlike voices. Create scalable, delightful customer experiences. Modify your existing voiceovers, or generate a unique custom voice that perfectly fits your brand’s personality for a connected customer experience. Curate engaging e-learning material with voices capable of pronouncing terminologies and acronyms. Update your training material effortlessly by regenerating audio. Create and customize your own podcast with unique voices or clone your own voice to scale your podcast production. Streamline your game’s pre-production with ultra-realistic AI voices. The perfect placeholder for voice acting for your Pre-Vis and Pitch-Vis needs. Automate your IVR system’s voice responses with AI voices. Revolutionize your customer experience by delivering seamless, personalized interactions every time. Localize your video and voice content in seconds. Automatically dub your existing audio into other languages. Instantly make your videos accessible to a global audience. Integrate human-like voices in your assistive voice devices and applications. Provide ultra-realistic voice experiences to enhance accessibility. Make use of PlayHT’s Voice Generation API to power your conversational chatbot, live streams, and games. Reduce development time and costs. Generative Voice AI that Captures Any Voice, Language or Accent Contextually Aware, Emotional and Expressive Text to Speech Models Built with Advanced Voice AI Powered by Research Generate Conversational, Long-form or Short-form Voice Content With Consistent Quality and Performances. Secure and Private Voice Generations with Full Commercial and Copyrights Text to Speech AI Voices Choose from an expansive library of 800+ natural-sounding AI Voices, coupled with humanlike intonation. Unlock a multilingual experience with 142 languages and accents, enhanced by our cutting-edge Machine Learning technology Conversational Voices Perfect for entertainment videos, podcasts and audiobooks Narrative Voices Ideal for audiobooks, explainer videos and documentary videos Explainer Voices Ideal for entertainment videos, explainer videos, podcasts and audiobooks Children Voices Perfect for audiobooks, explainer videos and e-learning Local Accents Localize your entertainment videos, adverts and audiobooks Emotions Ideal for gaming, creative videos and ads Character Voices Perfect for gaming, creative videos and ads Training Voices Suitable for training videos, L&D and E-learning Voices in 100+ Languages Our extensive AI Voice library spans across all major languages and accents in the world American English British English Australian English Canadian English Irish English German Spanish French Italian Turkish Japanese Chinese Hindi Portuguese Malay Filipino Explore All Languages & Accents Multi-Lingual Speech Synthesis Preserve a speaker’s voice and native accent while translating and dubbing across languages with our Cross-Language Voice Cloning and Multilingual Speech Synthesis Ayla Speaking English Ayla Speaking French Ayla Speaking Japanese Carla Speaking Portuguese Carla Speaking English Carla Speaking German Create any voice, transfer speaking styles and use it to generate speech using our state-of-the-art Voice Cloning feature. Book a Specialized Demo Start Creating for Free Powerful and Feature-Rich, Online Text-to-Voice Studio Type, paste or import text and instantly turn it into audio with our online Text to Speech editor. Enhance the audio with speech styles, pronunciations and SSML tags. 907 AI Voices Choose from a growing library of 907 natural-sounding Text to Speech voices across 142 languages and accents. Speech Styles Use expressive emotional speaking styles to make the voices sound more natural and engaging. Multi-Voice Feature Create conversations in your audio projects by using different voices in the same audio file. Custom Pronunciations Define how specific words are pronounced. Save and re-use those pronunciations when synthesizing speech. Voice Inflections Fine-tune the rate, pitch, emphasis and add pauses to create a more suitable voice tone Preview Mode Listen and preview a single paragraph or full text before converting it to speech. Learn How to Use Our AI Voice Technology Effectively Introducing Peregrine: A Truly Realistic Text to Speech Model with Emotion and Laughter How to Create Human-Like Voices: The Only AI Text-to-Speech Guide You’ll Ever Need The Top 4 Benefits of Voice Synthesis for YouTube Content Creators Using AI Voiceovers For eLearning Slides Ethical AI & Safety We are dedicated to ensuring our Voice AI is used responsibly and safely. Learn About our AI Voice Generation & Text-to-Speech Technology What is AI Voice? What is an AI voice generator? How long does it take to synthesize text into speech? What customizations can I do with the AI Voices? Can I use the voices for commercial purpose? Do you offer a free version? HOW REAL DOES AN AI GENERATED VOICE SOUND? HOW MUCH DOES AI VOICE COST? HOW TO GENERATE AI VOICE? CAN I GENERATE CHARACTER AI VOICES USING PLAYHT? HOW DOES PLAYHT GENERATE REALISTIC AI VOICES? DOES PLAYHT WORK OFFLINE? Is there a free AI tool that can convert text to speech? Which is the best AI voice generator? How do you get AI voice over? Is the use of AI voices legal? What is the AI tool that reads text aloud? What is the most realistic AI voice that sounds human? What is the AI voice generator everyone is using on Tiktok? What AI are people using for celebrity voices? How do you make an AI voice sound like someone? Get Started with the Best AI Voice Generator Today! Start Creating for Free Book a Specialized Demo Products Text to Speech AI Pronunciation AI Audio Widgets AI Voice Podcast Generator Ultra Realistic AI Voice AI Team Access AI Voice Cloning Use Cases AI Voiceover for Videos E-learning AI Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Audio Accessiblity YouTube videos TikTok videos Integrations WordPress Text to Speech API About Us Company Contact Us Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions GDPR Affiliates Pricing Help Guides Social Media Facebook Twitter Linkedin Youtube



AI-powered platform for professional-quality content.

Typeset is an AI-powered tool for creating professional-quality content quickly and easily. It transforms your text into polished designs such as presentations, eBooks, social media posts, and more, making it ideal for various users like marketers and teachers.


AI-driven YouTube shorts creation platform

Ssemble automatically transforms your YouTube videos into engaging shorts using AI. It scans your channel for key moments and converts them into captivating clips, helping you expand your audience effortlessly.


AI-powered call insights for real estate agents

Shilo AI provides real estate agents with AI-driven call insights, automatic summaries, real-time grading, and detailed feedback, transforming agent performance.


AI-powered video and podcast editing tool.

Descript is an AI-powered platform for video and podcast editing. It offers features like automatic transcription, AI speech, and the AI assistant Underlord to streamline the creative process. Ideal for individual creators and enterprise teams.


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