Pixop is a cloud-based AI- and ML-powered video enhancer that is designed to help production companies, TV stations, rightsholders and independent creators monetize their digital archives by enhancing and upscaling footage to fit today’s screens. It offers a variety of automated filters trained on thousands of hours of footage for tasks like ML super resolution, AI denoising, AI deinterlacing, and AI deep restoration. Its intuitive web app allows video professionals to easily remaster videos up to UHD 8K without expensive hardware or extensive training. For larger archives, Pixop provides a REST API for seamless integration with existing workflows. The platform also prioritizes security with encrypted data protection and secure payment processing through Stripe. Featuring robust video asset management and quality analysis tools, Pixop simplifies the video enhancement process and offers pay-as-you-use pricing without subscription fees. In addition, Pixop nurtures strategic partnerships with industry players, participates in the NVIDIA Inception program, is part of AWS Activate Builders Program, and belongs to Media City Odense.


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