Hiver is the world’s first Gmail-based helpdesk designed for teams using Google Workspace. It offers a range of features to enhance customer service, finance operations, people operations, and IT operations, all within Gmail. Features include email management, collaboration, analytics, automation, multi-channel support, and integration with other tools. With Hiver, teams can manage emails, live chats, and voice channel support from Gmail’s interface, collaborate seamlessly by mentioning colleagues in notes, automate repetitive tasks, and analyze performance with in-depth reports. Hiver’s integrations allow users to connect with popular software like Slack, WhatsApp, Aircall, Asana, Salesforce, etc., creating a comprehensive platform for task and project management, as well as customer support. Hiver aims to improve team efficiency, eliminate the need to switch between tools, and offers 24/7 support. It emphasizes easy setup, intuitive use, and cost savings by paying only for needed features.


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