Devi is an AI-powered social media monitoring and outreach tool that helps to find and engage leads across multiple platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Twitter. The tool offers features such as AI Lead Generation Assistant, AI Generated visual content, AI-curated news visuals, and 1-click scheduling to all social media profiles. It is designed for small businesses, solopreneurs, and marketing teams to boost their social media presence, automate lead generation, engage customers with personalized comments, and save time by scheduling posts and monitoring keywords 24/7. Devi’s AI features include ChatGPT for outreach messages, AI social media manager for post generation, and intent-outreach to identify ready-to-buy leads, making the platform effective for increasing productivity and turning social media into revenue. It is trusted by over a thousand companies, offering a setup that can be completed in 30 seconds. Devi is currently patent-pending for its innovative approach to social media monitoring using a browser extension.


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