AI-powered writing assistant for various content types.

ContentForge is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you create content for your website, blog, social media, and more. It offers a variety of features such as generating blog content, ecommerce product information, website microcopy, digital ad content, and long-form document creation. The tool is designed to save time and boost productivity by overcoming writer’s block, allowing users to generate content in multiple languages with the aid of artificial intelligence. ContentForge is aimed at a wide range of users including copywriters, marketing agencies, business owners, and indie hackers. It also offers a free trial without requiring credit card details.

AI-powered writing assistant for various content types.



AI-powered image upscaling and enhancement.

Magnific AI offers AI-driven upscaling and enhancement for high-resolution, detailed images in a user-friendly platform.


AI-driven topic and question research tool.

AI-based tool for topic discovery, question research, content creation support, and SEO enhancement

Jetpack AI Assistant

WordPress AI content generator plugin by Jetpack

Jetpack AI Assistant, a WordPress plugin, boosts content creation with AI-driven text generation, optimizing tools, and various tone settings.


AI tool to generate copyright-free images.

Variart is an AI service that creates similar images to submitted ones, making them free from copyright restrictions, and is deemed Fair Use by the Supreme Court.


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