CALA is the leading fashion supply chain interface that unifies design, development, production, and logistics into a single, digital platform. Whether you’re tapping into our network of designers and suppliers, or using your own, CALA scales with any brand: large established retailers, medium-sized fashion houses, and independent designers. It enables companies of all sizes to collaborate with their global supply chain on product creation from start to finish on a mobile device. Featuring an AI-Powered Design & Collaboration platform, it offers tools like Product Design, Collaboration Tools, Global Production, Dynamic Pricing, Task Management, and Financing options. The platform also includes a realtime communication feature called Teams, automated supply chain functions including Automated Pricing Engine, Global Partner Network, and Logistics Network handling. The platform also supports innovative features like 3D File Support, AI Design tools, Templates & Blanks, Shipment Tracking, and customized User Roles.


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