Collaborative platform for document management and team work. is a powerful workplace and document collaboration platform enabling teams and individuals to create, collaborate, and organize knowledge in one place, accessible from anywhere. It features a new age document editor, advanced sharing, dynamic notes, wikis, knowledge bases, client portals, and integrates with numerous apps. Bit is designed for various use cases including marketing, sales, design, and technical teams, with modern communication tools and smart documents that support rich media and real-time collaboration. Trusted by professionals across the globe, it facilitates document tracking, file attachments, real-time notifications, and much more.



Podcast hosting with powerful **AI** tools and analytics. offers podcast hosting with **AI-powered** tools and analytics to help podcasters grow and monetize their shows. It provides insights, automation, and customizable websites, supported by robust analytics and flexible monetization options.


Build and scale AI agents with Voiceflow's flexible platform.

Voiceflow is a comprehensive platform for building and scaling AI agents. With features like a Workflow Builder, Knowledge Base, and robust developer tools, Voiceflow enables teams to create customized solutions for various use cases quickly and efficiently.


AI-driven platform for creating custom voice agents.

Voiceglow is an AI-driven platform for creating custom voice agents that interact with users naturally and engagingly. It offers tools for voice modulation, emotional expression, and personalized interactions, supporting a variety of applications.


Blazingly fast AI-powered email for teams and individuals

Superhuman is an AI-powered email platform built for high-performing teams and individuals. It saves time and enhances productivity by automating email management and improving responsiveness.


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