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Apple’s Vision Pro Is Here

The launch of Apple’s Vision Pro has been nothing short of excitement and anticipation met with incredible demos beginning to hit the web.

This groundbreaking device, which merges AI and Extended/Mixed Reality (XR), has been named a transformative moment in the tech industry. The early numbers are impressive, with reports showing that Apple has sold around 200,000 Vision Pro headsets since pre-orders opened.

The Vision Pro is Apple’s first spatial computer, offering users an immersive and personalized XR experience. 

It has been awaited for its ability to create richly detailed graphics, adaptive sound, and dynamic narratives, revolutionizing the way we interact, work, and play and the response from reviewers and industry experts has been overwhelmingly positive. 

* CNBC, for example, described the Vision Pro as β€œthe future of computing and entertainment”. 

* Digital Trends gave a similar sentiment, stating that the Vision Pro is “far, far ahead of Apple’s rivals yet feels a little unfinished in certain areas”.

Despite the high price tag of $3,500, the Vision Pro has been described as the most fun new product in years. It’s clear that the Vision Pro is not just a device, but an entirely new type of computing, providing a whole new world of experiences.

However, it’s not just the tech industry that’s excited about the Vision Pro. The device has also been met with awe from the wider public and curious consumers. One YouTuber, for example, posted himself simultaneously watching five NBA games via the Vision Pro which went viral last week.

While the Vision Pro is still in its early days, the initial response suggests that this device could be a game-changer. And as more apps are built specifically for the Vision Pro and as more people get to experience it firsthand, the excitement around this device is only set to grow.

While I’m not running to an Apple Store to bring one home, I can’t wait to test it out. For me, it’s the spatial videos teamed with the immersive experiences that I’m most excited about.Β 

Have you ordered, or have one yet? I’d love to know if you’re taking the leap!

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AI Built to Detect Croissants Actually Detects Cancer

I came across this really inspiring story I think you’ll find fascinating.

It’s about a Japanese man named Hisashi Kambe who developed an AI system called BakeryScan to help cashiers quickly check out pastries at bakeries. Through years of training, BakeryScan got amazing at identifying all different kinds of baked goods.

One day, a doctor realized cancer cells under a microscope look similar to bread.  So he asked Kambe if BakeryScan could help pathologists study biopsy samples instead. 

Can you believe the pastry-identifying AI is now assisting with medical diagnoses?

What started as a solution for bakery lines ended up helping in a whole new field. It just goes to show – you never know where your ideas might lead. If you pursue something with curiosity and dedication, it could have unexpected incredible outcomes.

I really enjoyed reading how Kambe’s creation expanded beyond what he initially planned. His story is proof that keeping an open mind can lead to amazing new possibilities. I think you’ll find it inspiring too – give the full article a read when you get a chance! πŸ”—

Think Like A Developer + The Rule of Threes

In the latest episode of The Prompt πŸ”—, I deep dive into the world of thinking like a developer, exploring the strategies and mindset necessary to navigate the fast-paced digital landscape.

This episode is about the key takeaways from a recent think tank meeting at Bara Agency, where the focus was on anticipating clients’ needs and leveraging smart automation to enhance the overall experience. 

Here are the highlights:

  1. Anticipating the Unexpected: Whether it’s a server crash or a platform failure, having a backup plan and deep understanding of systems is crucial to navigating through these challenges seamlessly.
  2. Looking Around the Corner: Instead of solely focusing on the present, true magic happens when we anticipate what’s coming next. 
  3. The Rule of Threes: Efficiency is at the forefront of this principle, emphasizing the transformational power of smart automation. Doing something once is an experience, but by the third time, it’s time to implement a system that streamlines the process, saving time and enhancing service quality.

These strategies aren’t just for developers or tech experts. They are invaluable tools for anyone navigating today’s digital landscape. They serve as a toolkit for playing a smarter game, enabling us to be more efficient and prepared for the future, ultimately freeing us up from the day-to-day grind and enhancing the overall experience.

Whether you serve clients or seek to implement these principles in your own work, they are essential for upgrading the way we operate in today’s digital age.

Remember, technology isn’t just about gadgets and code. It’s about making our lives and work more efficient, effective, and prepared for the future.

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