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The Prompt: A Global Show 🌎 (Now Eleven Languages)

I’ve always wanted to speak more than one language. 

Living in Southern California, I of course can speak gringo-spanish, but I’ve know it’s not the same. Team that desire with the goals of building something impactful, new, creative, AI driven, and a little bit wild and…

My Podcast is now live in Eleven Languages

  1. English
  2. Russian
  3. Arabic
  4. German
  5. Chinese
  6. French
  7. Korean
  8. Italian
  9. Hindi
  10. Spanish
  11. Japanese

All automated. All that sound just like me. And all driving right back to my personal brand where I can serve.

Wild. Right?

Here’s how I do it.

I built a workflow into my Asana board where I track my episodes that watches for a new status that makes it ready to process. 

Every 15 mins this πŸ”— scenario runs and gets all the data I need like podcast name, country codes, and podcast ID from my hosting provider to automate everything I need. 

It then preps a Google Sheet with the data I need to know and tracks progress, then batch processes the title and show notes translation with OpenAI one at a time for every language I’m running. It follows by drafting that show on the corresponding Podcast and all that’s left is to swap the actual audio file to publish after a quick batch translation.

While I don’t yet have a way to fully automate the processing of the audio file, my favorite AI voice model service, ElevenLabs πŸ”— makes it incredibly easy to upload the source file, choose all the languages and it batch processes them all in *minutes*.


The Google sheet preps direct links to each podcast draft and it’s a quick audio upload, publish, and it’s live!


Today I’m launching ten international languages to kick off this experiment with the ambition to grow to nearly 30 over time. It’s not expensive, but it’s also not cheap. The investment in this will cost be about $300/m to launch about two episodes a week on eleven channels. 

But do the math here with me.. 

4.3 weeks/month x 2 episodes/week x 11 channels = about 97 episodes a month of growth

And that’s still only about $3.00 per show. 

Why the 🀬 is he doing this? – You may ask..

Everyone is so focused on fighting for email addresses, podcast downloads, and market share in English speaking countries like North America and Canada. I’m going the reverse direction and serving other countries with my message in addition to my efforts here in the states. 

If you’ve followed me for a while you know I love taking on new challenges as they present themselves. And this is the newest way I’m showing the world I mean business by scaling, not just vertically, but now horizontal as well. 

I’d love your feedback, and if you speak one of these languages, give an episode a listen or a subscribe!

Want to learn how I did this in more detail, and ask me questions about the process? Learn more about my AI Slack Community πŸ”—.

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