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Text to Video is Now Available

Luma Labs hit the scene with some incredible AI driven 3D model AI abilities and they just blew the internet away with their latest release Dream Machine 🔗

Not only can you start experimenting with surprisingly good Text-to-Video today, but you can upload a sample image and instruct it what to do with this. 

The internet is having a field day creatively reconstructing images and scenes, like re-creating memes, animating stills, and converting 2d spaces to 3d. 

Meanwhile Runway is moving as fast as it can as well to beat Sora and released a preview of their Gen-3 Alpha 🔗 that shows some absolutely incredible quality demos, as well a Chinese company named Kling 🔗 

If you’ve wanted to try text to video, walk don’t run to that first link above ☝🏻 and give it a run while it’s free. I’ve been experimenting myself and it’s pretty incredible to see how good this is – and available for anyone to test. 

For those that think that generative video won’t soon consume a huge portion of content creation, Hollywood and social media… they’re in for a big reality check.

Tweets that matter

Everyone: AI is taking all our jobs

No one: But were they creating more value than tech could replace?

I freaking love this reply above. 

Don’t get me wrong, I would adore a world where unemployment was 0%. In fact, one of the big, massive dreams I roll around in my head is how I can end unemployment. 

But what good is a world filled with jobs where those performing the task are doing such mundane, repeatable, brainless work that the job was bound to get replaced by technology at some point anyway?

Really ask that question and answer it truthfully.

If you have one of those jobs – I’m sorry to break it to you – but start re-thinking your meaningful mission. If you pay for these services – they’re going to get replaced by robots, and the only question is “when”.

Let’s look at some real use cases that affect all of us, every day of our lives.

Phone Calls

  • Old Job: Human operators were needed to connect calls manually by plugging and unplugging phone lines on switchboards.
  • Tech Replacement: Automated switching systems and digital telecoms have rendered manual switchboards obsolete.

Ice Delivery for Iceboxes

  • Old Job: Before electric refrigerators, iceboxes were used to keep food cool. This required regular deliveries of ice blocks from an iceman. (such a great name)
  • Tech Replacement: Electric refrigerators eliminated the need for ice delivery. They could produce and maintain cold temperatures independently.

Doing Laundry

  • Old Job: Laundry was done by hand.  We’re talking scrubbing clothes on a washboard, boiling water, and manual wringing out of clothes.
  • Tech Replacement: Washing machines and dryers have automated and all but erased the work of laundering clothes.

Making Copies (typing)

  • Old Job: Large groups of typists were employed to type out documents, letters, and reports, often in office settings.
  • Tech Replacement: Personal computers, scanning, photocopying and even voice to text do all of this.

I don’t see everyone begging to go back to getting deliveries from the iceman, do you? 

So sure. 

AI will take a lot of jobs, but guess what, it will create more than it takes.

I’ll say it again: Create more value than tech can replace.

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