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Tech, Money & AI Legacy with Mel Abraham

This week’s newsletter is all about my recent podcast conversation with Mel Abraham. We covered a lot of ground, connecting finance and technology in ways that might surprise you and since this is the first interview I’ve held in almost six months, I want to dive in and share my favorite parts with you.

A Tech-Powered Book Launch

Mel just released his new book “Building your Money Machine”, and his launch strategy was eye-opening. Instead of relying on a big team, Mel used a lean, tech-savvy approach.

He’s leveraging tools like Airtable to manage workflows and for video editing feedback. This smart setup allows his small team to produce a ton of high-quality YouTube content consistently.

It’s a great example of how the right tech can amplify your efforts, whether you’re launching a book or any other project. Mel’s approach shows that with the right tools, you can punch above your weight class!

AI, Automation, and the Value of Time

We talked a lot about using AI and automation to reclaim your time. Mel said something that really stuck with me: “Our wealth should be measured in time, not dollars.”

He sees technology as a way to free up time for what really matters. It’s not about replacing ourselves, but enhancing our ability to create and connect.

This mirrors my own philosophy on AI – it’s a tool to help us focus on high-value work and relationships. By automating the mundane, we free ourselves for the meaningful.

The Future of AI Clones and Digital Legacies

Here’s where things got really interesting. Mel is working on an AI clone of himself the same as I have. His isn’t ready for prime time yet because of the financial element, but it opens up some wild possibilities.

Imagine being able to provide personalized financial advice at scale, or leaving an interactive legacy for future generations. We even talked about the potential to “bring back” the voices of loved ones we’ve lost towards the end you have to hear.

We had a deep conversation about the technology and emotions involved in this. It’s not science fiction anymore – it’s a tech development we need to think seriously about. The ethical implications are huge, but so are the potential benefits.

Teaching Financial Literacy in the Digital Age

Mel shared some great stories about teaching financial literacy to kids. But there’s a tech angle here too. Apps and online tools are making it easier than ever to teach money skills.

The key, we agreed, is using these tools to start conversations early, not to replace human guidance. Technology can open doors, but it’s still up to us to walk through them.

There’s so much more in our full conversation – from responsible AI use to maintaining human connections in a tech-driven world. I really want you to check out the full podcast episode ๐Ÿ”—, it might change how you think about the intersection of money and technology.

๐Ÿ“” Mel’s book “Building your Money Machine” is here: ๐Ÿ”—

You can also follow him on Instagram and YouTube for more insights.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

  • Are you using tech in interesting ways to manage your finances?
  • What do you think about the idea of AI clones as a legacy tool?
  • How are you balancing automation and human touch in your work?

Let me know. I’m always eager to hear about the creative ways you’re using technology in your life and work.

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