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AI Is Redefining Industries

AI is on a tear, making moves in industries and I’m diving right in to some of the latest below, let’s do this!:

  1. AI for Customer Engagement and Retention:ย A survey by the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council (SBEC) found that 39% of small businesses have invested in AI tools for customer engagement and retention. These tools help businesses redirect resources to various areas, including higher-value work and new technologies. [link]
  2. Generative AI with Design by iStock:ย Launched at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and powered by NVIDIA Picasso, this tool allows businesses to generate licensed visuals for various purposes, including print marketing, social posts, and online promotions. It works seamlessly with iStockโ€™s library of authentic and commercial-ready imagery. [link]
  3. AI for Project Management and Accounting: AI can automate repetitive tasks, freeing up time for employees to focus on more complex tasks. Tools like Tableau and Amazon Forecast can help predict customer behavior and develop new products. AI can also make bookkeeping more efficient and accurate. [link]
  4. AI-Powered Security by Amazon: Amazon’s Astro for Business combines robotics, smart security, and AI to enable customers to monitor their business remotely. It utilizes intelligent motion and periscope cameras to offer a new level of security. [link]

These advancements in AI tech are helping small businesses improve their operations, customer engagement, and overall efficiency. They are also opening up new opportunities for innovation and growth and are just a few of the awesome advancements buzzing in the space.

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๐Ÿ—ฃ๏ธ Thought of the week

Have a global audience? How can AI support translation and serving those that don’t speak english in a way you didn’t think you could reach them previously.

AI Based Phone Calling is Now Ready for Scale

Bland AIย ๐Ÿ”— is a platform that allows businesses to automate phone calls at scale using AI voice agents. By having the ability to programmatically make and receive phone calls, Bland AI opens opportunity for personalized outreach and innovation.

Rather than being limited to the number of calls a small sales team could make manually, the Bland AI platform allows a business to send or receive millions of phone calls per day.

Yes, millions.

This is done through the use of voice agents that are programmed to have natural sounding conversations. Businesses can use these AI agents for a wide variety of use cases that allow them to dramatically increase their reach.

Some ideas for you:

  • Make cold calls
  • Conduct surveys
  • Qualify and collect data
  • Automatically call website visitors
  • NPS and gather feedback

Imagine having 24/7 customer service that knows all about your business, encourages the flows you want to lead, qualify cold calls and more.

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