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Channel One is the all AI News Channel

Everything about this new news channel πŸ”— is AI powered, from the script, to voices, to video. It’s launching in 2024 but gave a 20minute preview last week to show what they’re building.

The line between real and AI is quickly becoming non-existent. 

Around the web

πŸš— Waymo announces 700k autonomous rides in 2023

πŸ€“ OpenAI releases a Prompt Engineering Guide

πŸ’¨ StabilityAI offers 3D animation from single images

πŸ“² Instagram is testing AI Generated Backgrounds

πŸ’° AI Startups raised $700 million, this week

Audiobox – A Meta Research Project

β€œIt can generate voices and sound effects using a combination of voice inputs and natural language text prompts β€” making it easy to create custom audio for a wide range of use cases.”

Audiobox πŸ”— is a new Audio research project by Meta that brings audio generation from text generation and is quickly making waves. 

πŸ—£οΈ Thought of the week

What’s a project you previously thought was impossible that AI can bring back to life?

DomoAI Changes Video Styles

Now available on Discord πŸ”—

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