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01: AI Explained Simply by the True Experts

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a term that’s often surrounded by mystery. But what if we could demystify it? has launched a “How AI Works” series to do just that. Through a collection of short videos, the series aims to introduce the intricacies of AI and its significance in today’s world.

In the kickoff video to the series, Mira Murati, the Chief Technology Officer at OpenAI, and CristΓ³bal Valenzuela, the CEO and co-founder of Runway, explain the workings of chatbots like ChatGPT. These chatbots are built on AI technology known as large language models. Unlike traditional neural networks trained for specific tasks, these models are trained on vast amounts of information, such as the entirety of the internet. Their purpose? To generate new content, be it essays, poems, conversations, or even code, and they explain it in a simple and visual way.

As AI continues to evolve, everyone must understand this technology. As Murati shares, the future holds exciting possibilities, and she encourages everyone to dive deeper into understanding AI and exploring its potential.

The series also talks about “Does AI Have Creativity and Imagination?”, “What is Machine Learning?, “Ethics & AI” and more.

In addition to “How AI Works,” offers other great videos in this series, including:

  • How Computers Work
  • How the Internet Works
  • Computer Science Principles
  • The Basics of Computer Science
  • and more

Each series is designed to provide insights into the digital world, ensuring that everyone can grasp the foundational concepts of technology and computer science regardless of their background.

02: Google Releases Duet AI

Google has taken a huge leap forward with the introduction of Duet AI, enhancing the capabilities of its Workspace tools and Generative AI. Here’s a rundown of the exciting new features:

  • Google Chat’s New Companion: The chat interface now boasts Duet, an intelligent assistant ready to summarize documents, answer your questions, and update you on missed chat conversations.
  • AI Presentations: With Google Slides integrating Duet’s AI, you can generate custom images based on your prompts. Elevate your presentations and captivate your audience by creating from your imagination.
  • Effortless Meeting Notes with Google Meet: No more manual note-taking during meetings. With Duet’s integration, select the “Take notes for me” option. Duet will capture video snippets, jot down action items, and make notes. Once the meeting concludes, a comprehensive summary is dispatched to your email and shared with all participants.
  • Streamlined Planning with Google Sheet: Duet AI transforms your planning process by auto-generating custom Google Sheet plans. Whether you’re looking to organize, manage, or track, Duet has you covered.
  • Coding Made Simpler: For the developers out there, Duet AI acts as a coding assistant within VS Code. It handles coding problems and offers AI chat support, making debugging a breeze.
  • Interactive Workspace: Duet AI allows you to converse with your files, documents, or emails. Need a report summarized? Just ask Duet. Tasks that once took days can now be accomplished in minutes.

If you’re a Google Workspace user, your administrator can now initiate a trial of Duet AI in the admin console. The future of efficient work is here with Google, and AI powers it.

03: Ideas Come To Life With Ideogram

Ideogram AI isn’t just another platform in the AI realm; it’s a new way to perceive and interact with generative AI. Ideogram AI stands out for its unique approach to creativity, making artistic endeavors not just accessible but also socially engaging, and it’s free.

What sets Ideogram AI apart? For starters, it’s unmatched handling of text. While most platforms offer image generation, Ideogram AI’s “typography” tag allows users to craft stunning graphical text, a feature that remains difficult for most of the AI industry.

But it’s not just about individual creativity. Ideogram AI has approached generative AI as a social experience. The platform encourages users to remix and vote on creations, fostering a community of collaboration and inspiration.

🧠 Quick Take: Ideogram AI is more than an AI tool; it’s a creative movement. Its emphasis on text, a community-driven approach, and unique features like remixing and voting in public shake up the industry and is quickly putting Midjourney on alert. It also does an incredible job at logos – a long-awaited feature for an AI tool to take the lead in.

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