10 Reasons Your Company Needs a Mighty Networks Community

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Building an online community on mainstream social media platforms means a constant battle against a fickle, ever-evolving algorithm.

Jostling for space on a crowded feed, trying to capture your audience’s attention for more than ten seconds, and going to battle with lurking trolls are some of the joys you get to experience when hosting groups on platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

Frankly, it’s exhausting. So you can imagine how excited we are to see the rise of Mighty Networks. What is Mighty Networks? It’s an alternative social media network built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs to be ad-free and to spark creative communities for individuals and mid-sized businesses. Entrepreneurs like Adriene Mishler from Yoga with Adriene (who, at 10 million YouTube subscribers, is one of the most popular online yoga teachers) have grown their audiences with it, and they did so with integrity. 

You see, community building on Mighty Networks is very different from doing so with mainstream social media platforms. Not only is it easier for you — you can launch courses, host live streams, post announcements, and more, all in one place — but it’s also better for your members. They’ll have a safe space to connect with other people who are passionate about the same things as they are, and they’ll avoid ads, trolls, and other distractions that diminish their experience. 

Their pricing is based on a tiered model, and you can try it out for free. Let’s get started with our Mighty Networks review with ten reasons you need it.

#1: Quality Community Grows Your Business

It’s one thing to offer your product or service — it’s another to offer a community to go along with it. 

Mighty Networks can help you bring together like-minded people who are passionate about what you have to offer. You give them a way to connect, support each other, and turn their experience with you into something that’s so much more than just a product. 

In offering community, you greatly increase the value you bring to customers. Plus, community discussions give you insights into customer pain points, wants, and needs. The more information you have, the more you can improve, make customers happy, and nurture brand ambassadors.

Mighty Networks shines because it is a community-building platform. If you’re familiar with it already, you may have seen the Kajabi vs. Mighty Networks debate. While Kajabi is primarily a course platform, Mighty Networks also gives you the ability to launch courses but is primarily focused on building community. 

Depending on which plan you choose, you’ll have:

  • Group and one-on-one messaging
  • Dedicated course communities
  • Livestreaming capabilities
  • Find Members Near You feature to help you and your members find people by location
  • Member categories that make it easier for people to connect
  • Online events
  • Notifications for in-person events
  • Member Referrals program

You can be the one to bring people together, facilitate community, and set the tone for your groups. You can create the experience your members want and need and help people build the quality connections they crave.

#2: It’s Easy to Use and Scalable

Easy setup and scalability are crucial when you’re trying to launch a community or migrate one over from social media. 

There are unlimited hosts, moderators, and members with Mighty Networks, so you never have to worry about reaching capacity. They also make migration easy by offering a migration consultant to advise you based on your unique situation. 

Since Mighty Networks comes with a custom landing page, domain, native-course builder, and even ambassador programs, you’ll be building your network in a streamlined way. You can do things like write and post articles, set up membership tiers, charge people in a variety of currencies, and host video meetups, all in one place. 

Plus, you avoid the hassle of trying to install additional live streaming or course-building software. This will save you so much time, energy, and money which you should be putting toward creating exceptional experiences. And if you do need to link Mighty Networks with other tools, you can do so easily. Mighty Networks integrations include Zapier and Mailchimp

#3: You Better Capture Your Member’s Attention

When’s the last time you stayed focused on Facebook or Instagram?

Yeah, we thought so.

You never know what could happen when you’re hosting a group on social media. At any moment, your members can be lured away by a competitor, go down the rabbit hole with an ad, drift away to scroll through their feed, respond to friends’ comments, or come up with their next brilliant post. It’s a chaotic world, and it’s very, very noisy.

When you post to Facebook, you’re at the mercy of the algorithm. Only a fraction of your members will see what you post (unless you pay for ads, of course). On the other hand, all of your members will see your posts on Mighty Network. You can even set up notifications to their email when your posts go live. 

With Mighty Networks, your members will be focused on your community. You’re not competing with everything and everyone else on Facebook. And since Mighty Networks is ad-free, your members won’t succumb to the temptation of creepily specific targeted ads (your members and their wallets will thank you for this).

#4: It’s a Safe Environment

Ah, trolls

We know you, we expect you, and we expect to be disrupted by you. While most of us can laugh off a rude interloper, it stops being just mildly annoying when it’s affecting your business.

By choosing Mighty Networks, you are raising your standards for what is acceptable and what isn’t on your platform. You can build a community of people who want to be a part of something special. Not only can you set up a paywall, but you can also include onboarding questions to screen new members. Conversations are no longer a free-for-all, and you can avoid spammy comments and creepy DMs. In their place, you offer meaningful connections in a private, safe environment.

#5: You Decide What You Can and Can’t Say

On the other hand, maybe you’ve been flagged for “inappropriate” comments when you were having much-needed discussions about important topics. We all know that social media platforms are becoming increasingly censored. Do you really want to give Facebook that much control? 

With Mighty Networks, you avoid arbitrary censorship that serves the needs of the mega-rich. You come up with community guidelines — no one else gets to decide for you what’s appropriate and what isn’t. You make the call about what gets posted and what gets taken down, just like you decide if someone needs to be kicked out of the group.

#6: There’s a Mighty Networks App and Branded App

All Mighty Communities can use the Mighty Networks app. When you use Mighty Pro, you’ll also have your own, no-code, branded mobile app, available on Apple App and Google PlayYou avoid expensive custom development while Mighty Pro handles the launch, design customization, and tech support. Once you sign up, your branded app will appear in the App Store within three to four weeks. Pretty neat, right?

You can do everything you would do with Mighty Networks from the app in Mighty Pro. This includes live-streaming events, selling memberships, launching courses, taking payments, and more. Not only does this create an exceptional experience for your members, but it also helps them create a powerful habit of engaging with your content when they receive notifications. Remember, in a world where everyone is distracted and there are countless options, your customer’s attention is at a premium. 

#7: It’s Run by Passionate Entrepreneurs for Passionate Entrepreneurs

We may be a little biased here at Carter & Custer, but we’re truly impressed by the creators of Mighty Network

They’re helping shift the paradigm away from over-reliance on platforms created by the mega-rich, which have had public scrutiny for questionable practices and censorship. Putting the power back into the hands of everyday entrepreneurs, passionate creatives, and conscious businesses who question the status quo is refreshing, powerful, and a trend we hope to see grow.

#8: You Own Your Memberships

With the Business Plan, your memberships are yours to own, whereas you’re simply renting them on major social media platforms. This means you’ll get their email addresses, ambassador program status, course and group memberships, and profile information. By downloading your member list, you can export it to an external CRM and build an email list, measure how many people are completing your courses, and more.

#9: You Get Access to Data

Not only do you have access to member information, but you’ll also get analytics benchmark tools that help you identify strengths and areas of opportunities so you can act on them. See which posts work and which don’t, how many new and returning members you have, the number of members who are returning to your network, and much more.

#10: Mighty Networks and Other Creators Support You

The Mighty Community includes hosts from around the world who freely share their best practices, pain points, successes, and mistakes. Within the community, you’ll find the Community Design Accelerator, which, for less than 400 bucks, gives you all of the best strategies and techniques you can use to build a successful community.

You’ll also have plenty of access to free content like the Community Design Guide. And if you have technical trouble, they have a dedicated customer services team available on weekdays.

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