AI-powered identity resolution to boost e-commerce sales is poised as a dynamic solution for e-commerce challenges, primarily catering to Shopify store owners. Utilizing its advanced Artificial Intelligence technology, the platform offers identity resolution software that goes beyond the scope of traditional analytics. This AI-driven system enhances e-commerce revenue by identifying anonymous website visitors and effectively converting them into buyers. Focusing on cart abandonment, the service integrates seamlessly with Klaviyo and offers over 80 other integrations to streamline online retail workflows. Through targeted email and SMS re-engagement campaigns, helps shop owners reclaim lost sales opportunities and exponentially increase their email marketing efficiency. The platform promises impressive ROI figures as a testament to its efficacy, backed by success stories and robust support for setup and integration.



AI-driven solutions for custom business automation

Create custom AI solutions for automating business tasks with Cassidy, using leading AI models and ensuring data security.


AI-driven accounting services for cleaner books and insights.

Artificial intelligence-powered accounting platform offering automated bookkeeping, live dashboards, and secure financial management.


AI-driven data analysis and research platform

AI-powered research accelerator with intelligent assistant ALANI for data analysis, insights, and team collaboration.


Engage with AI chatbots for diverse knowledge

Interactive AI chatbot network for verified info across multiple domains, including business and health.


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