Meet Jim.

Jim is a passionate founder, fractional CTO, public speaker, Fortune 15 consultant & AI strategist/specialist.

With multiple 7 figure businesses in tech & content, he specializes in advising brands, experts & Social Impact organizations on maximizing growth using content & technology.

Focusing on AI, tech expertise & business growth, Jim mentors scaling entrepreneurs & leaders through Fast Foundations & empowers entrepreneurs to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence in their daily lives & businesses via integrations into their processes.

Proud #girldad, lover of coffee, and dad joke aficionado, Jim will guide, challenge & unblock the biggest challenges you have in a simple & actionable form.

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Who I Help

I know that success requires more than just hard work, but also strategy and know-how. By making a plan that suits your needs, we’ll make sure that your time and resources are used wisely. With my help either as an advisor or integrator, you can trust the outcomes you want with sustainability. 

I’m committed to giving you and your team the skills and techniques you all need to get over challenges and keep up the success. 

Just listen to a few of the many testimonials I’ve received below:


You’ll receive an email every Tuesday of Jim’s top trending AI topics, tools, and strategies you NEED to know to stay on top of your game.

Every issue is written (by Jim & AI, naturally) and is custom written for the small business owner or leader in mind. Jim takes the time to consider what AI concepts are the most influential of the week, and applies them to what a business needs. 

Join nearly 1,000+ other on the path to understanding and harnessing the power of AI in their business & passions!

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3 Ways I Help With Growth

1. Private Slack

My Private Slack community is a space for entrepreneurs, business owners and AI enthusiasts to connect, learn and stay on top of the trends.

2. Consulting & Coaching

From a one-time deep dive, to on-site support, to a quarter at a time - I will build your Al plan with -or- for you, tailored for you or your team.

3. Implementing

My agency team is a highly capable group of tech integrators & will implement AI into your business.

“Jim, I’ll always think highly of, because he’s always very generous with his conversations when he reaches out, and when he’s on team calls, he’s always thinking about how he can help. Jim will get back to you when he’s available, he speaks kindly and goes the extra mile.”

- Lewis Howes - 2x New York Times Best-Selling Author & Entrepreneur

“Jim presented a training session during a mastermind class I participate in. Wow! Not only does he have the ability to make something extremely complex very digestible, he does so in a way that generates excitement for the future of AI, and reinforces practicality in its application. I left the training with so many ideas, and I’ve implemented a few of them already. Highly recommend!”

- Amanda Clark, Founder of Social Savvy MD

“Oh, man, AI Fast Track was a total game-changer! As the Chief of Staff at a startup, I was already using Chat GPT, but Jim totally rocked my world with his tips and tricks! He showed us how to have a blast interacting with Chat GPT, making it learn all about our business in order to get better answers. I even learned cool tools for specific projects that save us loads of time and make us super efficient. Jim is the go-to guy when it comes to AI and tech. I love his teaching approach where he walked us through examples step-by-step which helped me really understand how to utilize what he was teaching. This course blew my mind and got me pumped to explore all the AI possibilities out there!”

- Lauren Kuhlman - Chief of Staff for Lite Pink