I'm a Cause Hacker,

Jim Carter III

Programmer for over two decades, coder, speaker, scalability & growth nut, startup and venture junkie, Eagle Scout, a leader at heart & father of two.


My Story

Is just getting started...

Currently VP of Engineering & CoFounder of Giving Assistant.  

I enjoy fine cups of coffee and long walks on Silicon Beach with my beautiful wife and two gorgeous daughters. 

My latest focus is giving back, by helping causes whom need it the most & sharing what I know about Scaling, Fundraising & Growth.


What Is Cause Hacking?

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Looking for a speaker? A few topics I <3

Social Impact, Growth, Cause Hacking & Giving Back

I love sharing my story. We all come from somewhere and typically end up following similar routes to the same destinations. When you hire me to speak at your event, you get years of experience, a can’t-fail attitude,¬† plenty of well-groomed facial hair and most importantly: my all.¬†

Latest Talk

Cashing Out With Cash Back

Presented To: 
PAYMENTSfn, Durham, May ’18

Latest Testimonial

Jim spoke to 30 members of the inaugural cohort at MissionU, a one-year college alternative in data analytics and business intelligence. He authentically shared his professional passions, his journey to Giving Assistant, and how the company uses data to enhance their core business. I was inspired by Jim’s deep sense of purpose, passion, and openness to supporting young professionals hoping to chart a similar path.

Lauren Pizer
Lauren Pizer
Curriculum & Learning Experience Designer - MissionU


"Everybody wanna rap, but they ain't paid dues" --Low Profile
Found my love for code
DOS, BASIC, HTML, JS, AIX, Classic ASP, PHP, et c.
Consulting Businesses, Freelance & Contract CTO
Code, Hustle, and I had quite a lot more hair.
2010's - Now
Finding My Purpose
It wasn't until recent I found my "why".

Now, no one can hold me back.

My Blog

...Storytelling. Past experiences reinvented for a purpose. Giving first. Not chasing the money; chasing the impact. All of it was so simple.


  • San Francisco, Bay Area, CA
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