Cause Hacking

Cause Hacking is a movement to do more with less for those who need it most.

Alternatively, a play on Growth Hacking but for causes that matter.

Cause being the abstract represents someone, something, a group, Nonprofit, For-profit or other who is working hard on a vision for something greater than their own.

Cause Hacking is my way of putting to practice my vision for the future. My name is Jim Carter, and I’m a Cause Hacker. ????


In 2013 I created the term for fun. I had just left a dead-end gig, had my second daughter, moved to a new town and began a search for a better purpose professionally. I wrote about it here however it took me years of experimenting, forgetting, re-inventing and refining to finally see it clear, and why it mattered.

At first, I considered starting a Nonprofit.  That was fun for about a day.

It stuck over the years. Friends, peers, co-workers, and family continually told me they liked the sound of it but asked me the same two questions:

  • What does it mean?

  • When are you going to do something about it?

In September of 2017, I attended Lewis Howes’ Summit of Greatness and everything changed for me. The Speakers, the Community, and the passion of this single group of individuals from all around the world coming together in gratitude and giving opened my eyes like never before.

So inspired by these people and their messages, I revisited this and went on a personal trip to find what got me fired up.

I was ready to walk the talk, but first I needed my dialogue. 

And after countless hours of searching and seeking, I realized Cause Hacking was what I did best when not thinking about it. Hacking away at answers to problems for causes that mattered.

Holy crap, it was that easy!

Storytelling. Past experiences reinvented for a purpose. Giving first. Not chasing the money; chasing the impact. All of it was so simple.

I convinced myself then and there it was my duty, and personal job, to share with others the things that had driven my success, and here we are today.