Cause Hacking
tl;dr: I’m excited to announce in the last month, I’ve helped 3 Nonprofits accept bitcoin donations, bringing in over $4million USD in BTC and more is on the way. Update: The current running total is $5.25m and growing weekly! Full list below. What is Bitcoin anyway? You’ve heard it in the news, on forums and probably...
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Girl in Class - by Nick Onken
Three years ago, my friend Bryn posted a book recommendation on Instagram. At the time I was in a professional slump and tired of working on things that didn’t matter. I took his recommendation and read it cover to cover in 2 days.  Those of you who know me understand I’ve never been a big reader,...
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As 2015 comes to an end, I find myself taking time to write a retrospect and reflect on the year. And after thinking about all the ups & downs, it all boils down to two things, Family & Focus, in that order. Here's a recap of what kept me ticking this year. 
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