Update: The current running total is over $5million and growing weekly! Full list below. What is Bitcoin anyway? You’ve heard it in the news, on forums and probably been sitting around the dinner table where the subject has come up. It’s complicated by design so it’s execution and potential can be simple. Best presented by the creator themselves:...
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Girl in Class - by Nick Onken
Three years ago, my friend Bryn posted a book recommendation on Instagram. At the time I was in a professional slump and tired of working on things that didn’t matter. I took his recommendation and read it cover to cover in 2 days.  Those of you who know me understand I’ve never been a big reader,...
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Olive Branches
About three months ago I started reflecting, thinking about turning 35 and how life may be different, if at all. After 15+ years of searching I've finally found what works.
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