Imagination and Drive

This evening I saw a Craigslist post and it captivated me. (mirror)

Real or fake, let’s imagine for a moment that humanity could genuinely give others the time of day, benefit of doubt, and care about more than themselves a majority of the time. Attempt to be selfless in the face of selfish. Act on opportunities to help others and ask nothing in return. Enjoy a cup of coffee now and not care about the next. That’s a world I’d love. A world that reminds us we’re never alone in the struggles to persevere.

I’m not a big reader, more audiobooks than most else. Even less a fan of fiction. While I have no idea weather or not this is real, I adore the message behind it, and how it identifies with us all.

What makes this more special to me is the use of Craigslist for a short term medium-format post like this. I’ve never seen anything of the sort and it’s surprisingly impactful when you consider the platform it’s was authored on.

I’m not one to get on the snapchat train. I laugh at the thought of spending the little time I have to create media that self destructs (seriously, am I the only one?). Yet in an age where we have such technology to separate the meaningless from the meaningful, new uses of old standards make the biggest punch.

I’m incredibly close to announcing my latest project that exemplifies this line of thinking. I hope if nothing else but for a small group of others like myself who believe there’s more in the act of giving than receiving, it helps us take a step towards paying forward a life we can all enjoy in each others company.

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