Why Is Delivery Still Broken?

Yesterday I got home for the second night in a row with a missed delivery note by my door.

Even though my wife was home ~85% of both days, each time the courier stopped by our house, she had stepped away. The notes they leave remind me of my last speeding ticket, mixed with some fear that if it happens again, I’ll never get it delivered. How is this a ‘wow moment’ for customers who have a choice on who should deliver them their packages? More so, why is this still a broken and disconnected process?

This is an Uber for X world. Where technology assists in every aspect of life and anything you can think of is deliverable to you on a whim, I’m baffled. Is there a reason why billion dollar carriers are still leaving scribbled paper notes on doorsteps?

I have an easy fix: Trust your customers with technology

Instead of losing productivity and velocity let your logistics mainframe help. Trigger a notification with an ETA between the driver’s current location to mine and give me the option to accept or punt the delivery until later. Imagine a world where your driver may not have to speed across town only to get frustrated that we took our kids to school again during our 12hour delivery window.

*Indirect thanks to Parse.com for letting me take a screen-snap of their Push Notification authoring tool.

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