Stop Chasing the Bus

It’s 7am, you’re almost out the door, and all your transit options seem to end up leaving before you do again. Sound as familiar as it does for me?

For a while now I’ve been chasing busses.

Pushing so hard to get the magic route that appears through the fog the very minute I stroll to the stop with no delay. It wasn’t until the other day I caught myself running across Market St., sprinting through lights, jumping in front of others and dodging the transit workers all to catch a bus and stand for the ride home. Then I thought, why?

I love getting home, now more than ever. My two toddlers (two & three and a half) are usually happy to see me, they run to me screaming “Dadddy” and “come here”! It’s something worth looking forward to. But another 10 or so minutes won’t change it.

I also realized, at least in San Francisco, the same bus isn’t promised twice. So the 4:37p NX3 may one day be a new converted charter bus with air conditioning, where tomorrow it could be standing room only on an older, gutted cattle car. And while I’m all for getting to the bottom of systems to work in my favor, it won’t make a difference.

Then I realized a powerful thing, I really enjoy this town. The energy, the skyscrapers, the people watching, it’s all part of the beauty.

So aside from the occasional sprint to catch a Transbay bus before it takes off over the bridge, I’ve stopped chasing busses, and started enjoying my evening another 15 minutes a day.

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