Today starts a new adventure, and I’m pumped.

In short, for a while now I’ve been finding myself caught between the never-ending battle of coding shiny things and trying to change the world. Every opportunity I got to fulfill that need came between 50+ hr. work weeks, loving my time with the kids, my personal ventures, and other freelance to fill up our savings account. When I did have time, it was nowhere near easy staying motivated. That was until about a month ago when I found an amazing fit with an even more passionate team than I thought was possible.

Today I’m joining Giving Assistant to try something new, and it’s all about making a difference in the lives of others. More on this soon, but on to the obvious question.

{% blockquote %} What is Cause Hacking you may ask? {% endblockquote %}

Great question. The answer is yet to be determined, primarily because I made it up. Growth Hacking is all the rage right now, and I love the concept. I figured if developers can hack for growth, why can’t we hack for change? This is my answer to a problem. There’s no lack of supply in skilled people who care about our world. Additionally most know that in order to make a big difference, it takes a lot of unknown. If I can help bridge that unknown by connecting passionate people to causes who need them, I’ll be one step closer to knowing I’m on the right track.

Let me be honest for a minute. I don’t need to be the inventor of the next big language or founder of the latest billion dollar valued startup. What I do need is fulfillment in life, and that’s where I decided to make the biggest change yet. With growing kids and living in this town [San Francisco] life does not idly stand by. Good things come to those who get off their ass and work for them. I want to make a difference, therefore, I’m starting to do it. When Olive and Hazel are old enough to ask me what I do when I work, I want to tell them I’m building a better future for them. Today starts that promise for a better future for my family.

I registered the domain (and a variety of similar ones). I hope to turn it into something that’s both sustainable and community driven to highlight how I’m applying my new found focus to a greater good. But it all begins with starting somewhere. If you think this sounds interesting in any way, please Like & Follow for updates. No promises yet, but a guarantee something will be coming down the pipeline.

Here’s to a new adventure.

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