About Jim

tl;dr: CoFounder @GivingAssistant & Tech Advisor @PencilsOfPromis. geek. coder. father. scotch. exhausted. blessed.

Why I hustle

In the 36 years, I’ve been alive, I have learned a few things.

Pride of accomplishment
Nothing worth being proud of comes easy, and while good things may come to those who wait they almost always come to those who get off their ass and get the job done. I’m a firm believer in finishing what I’ve started while knowing when to quit. Seth Godin taught me that contrary to public opinion, you should quit when you’re not ahead & have a clear path to learn from the setback in order to fall forward. Those words have stuck with me and forced me to focus more on what I love vs. what I feel is important at the time. I’m very proud of where I am professionally and personally and thank those close to me for their support every chance I get.

Being a father of two, married, a business owner & entrepreneur is HARD. But knowing when to close the laptop lid, turn my phone on vibrate and play with my girls is the reason I wake up at 4:30a and start every day with purpose. Becoming a father has humbled me more than I can even start to explain, but more, it’s taught me that life is too short to do things which don’t matter. I love my weekends now, and no one can take these precious years away from me, which I’m so thankful I have watched my beautiful daughters grow.

Love what you do
Life is incredibly too short to work on things you don’t enjoy. I’m happy to say that I’ve written code that has made others wealthy, made myself more respected, ensured the well being of my family, contributed to charitable efforts, helped other developers get things done quicker, and lead me to a greater state of appreciation for my work.

I love working in this profession. I love making a difference in the code I write, talks I give and project I lead. I love the challenge of accomplishment. I love what I do.

Jim, Hazel, Valerie & Olive.  ..my world. 
Jim, Hazel, Valerie & Olive.  ..my world.


“The difference between those who change the world and those who don’t is that those who do believe they can.”

— Simon Sinek